Equal opportunities in life for all special children.

Education from Pre-Nursery to Graduation leading ultimately to establishment of a University.

Roshan was established on 04-04-2016 as a project by two sisters Miss Gulshan Yasmin M.A Special Education and Miss Shakila Kabeer Ms. Special Education.

The special children have special needs like any other. They need communication skills, love, attention and a sense of belonging, encouragement friendship, freedom, culture and education. The things combine to form a complete child.

It is obligatory for all civilized societies to look after and care for their special children. If properly guided and educated these special children can be turned into useful citizens and can play an active role in society. It is proposed that a network of educational institutions be established with the help of the government, public and commercial organizations to change this situation through establishment of a network of educational and vocational institutions for the disabled in Pakistan.

Roshan offers students the unique opportunity to form a specific identity that focuses on strengths and unique talents instead of disabilities. We provide an education that is tailored to meet the individual needs that address the total child in an ideal culture of norms, acceptance and belonging. We have a national reputation for excellence in special education.
Roshan provides educational settings which promotes healthy social relationships between special and normal children at all levels and reduces the physical distance between them through equal participation in social activities.
Roshan has an excellent arrangement where special children are considered as important as their hearing peers and provides natural environment to accept and to be accepted by their peers, to adjust emotionally to acquire a sense of competency and independence and above all for rehabilitation.
Special children and normal children are being taught simultaneously in the same premises. Some of them are partially integrated whereas others are fully integrated depending on the degree of their hearing loss and type of disability. This experience and technique has inculcated a positive psychological impact upon the special children.

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