Welcome to Roshan Institute of Special Education

Roshan Institute for Special Education is for hearing impaired & mentally retarded children who are completely ignored in our materialistic society while they need our particular attention and help to stand at their own as an independent citizen. We are looking forward for your kind and generous donation and hope that you will come forward and join hands with us like ever and support for those who are less fortunate than us.

Visually Impaired Children

Mentally Challenged Children

Hearing Impaired Children

Physically Disabled Children

School of Special Education

An International Standard School that provides a wide range of services to ‘Special Needs’ students…..

School for Slow Learners

The only school of its kind in South East Asia that helps to integrate students with Learning problem….

Therapeutic Services

Meeting the Physical, Social, Emotional & Psychological needs of children, youth & adults….

Remedial Education

Providing innovative teaching methods to help children with learning & emotional problems….

Psychological Services

Providing individuals & family based services for all Mental health issues….

Global Educational Services

Taking the lead to develop professional skills in teachers, both in Pakistan and abroad….

Corporate Services

Providing psychological based solutions to organizations, industries & corporations…

Our Vision

To be the best institute for special education of Pakistan with all facilities to students and regional center of excellence in special education.

Our Aim

To provide best education and developing understanding to students so that they will become more valuable in society having skills for life.

Our Mission

To provide high quality world class training in Special Needs education and produce educational materials.

Our Goal

With assistive devices for persons with disability through excellent services, professionalism, and integrity.

Our Philosophy

In pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and life long education for persons with special needs and disabilities to lead self-reliant lives.

Our Methods

With the help of Special educated teacher mentor and psychologist we have to give training to student for best human.

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